Teaching Philosophy

It is my belief that there is no perfect golf swing in golf. Every golfer has their own "Golf Swing DNA." The factors that contribute to your DNA are body type, strength and flexibility, and the natural tendencies you have to hit great shots that keep you coming back to play the game of golf. This is why my teaching philosophy is that no two students will be taught how to swing the same.

Follow this blueprint to improve your overall game

  • Keep it simple focusing on a few basic fundamentals.
  • Think of your golf swing as an efficient machine. Each part of it is dependent upon the other parts; if one part is functioning incorrectly the others will be affected. But working together they deliver the same effective result time after time.
  • Make your practice sessions more productive.
  • Learn how to improve your swing in a relaxed and fun environment.

"I believe that good form and a Smooth Swing will produce lower scores and more enjoyable golf!”

I have seen this proven formula work for my students. Whether you are looking to break 100 for the first time, knock a few strokes off your average score or win your club championship we can accomplish this together.