Golf Instruction for Adults 

A private golf lessons with a PGA golf professional is the best way to improve your game. Magazines and videos can become confusing and put too many thoughts in your head making it difficult to perform a fluid golf swing. 

Your golf lesson will consist of: 

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses in your current golf swing. 
  • Implementing basic fundamentals and drills that will improve your flaws and develop a better understanding on correcting those bad habits. 
  • Using your natural strengths in your swing to improve your game and make golf more enjoyable. 

Think of your golf swing as an efficient machine. Each part of it is dependent upon the other parts; if one part is functioning incorrectly the others will be affected. But working together they deliver the same effective result time after time.  

  • $85 per hour (one-on-one instruction)
  • $300 for series of 4 one hour lessons
  • $60 per 45 min. (one-on-one instruction) 
  • $150 for series of three 45 min. lessons  (Most popular and productive series of lessons)
  • $45 per 30 min. (quick fix lesson) 

Group lessons are also available and can be a great way to learn with friends or family in a stress-free environment. 

  • $100 per hour for two students 
  • $120 per hour for three students 
  • $160 per hour for four students 

 Video lessons and On-course playing lessons available upon request.

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