Junior Golf Instruction

All junior golf lessons will consist of teaching basic fundamentals with special emphasis on FUN! 

5-6-7 years old 

Instructors are careful to consider stamina an attention span of this age group. Students will receive an introduction to all the basics: grip, aim, swing position, ball striking and practice. 

8-9-10 years old 

They will receive more detail on the basics and shot making skills i.e.: putting and chipping, full swing, rules and etiquette. Fun contest will help to sharpen skills and create a better understanding on what and how to practice. 

11-16 years old 

They will review basic fundamentals and shot making skills, than move its focus to how it all relates to playing the game of golf. They will learn how to handle good and bad rounds and how preparation and practice can build their confidence and improve their game. 

Junior rates 

  • $45 per 30 to 45 min. (depending on age) 
  • $125 for series of three lessons 

Group lessons are also available and can be a great way to learn with friends or family in a stress-free environment. 

  • $60 per 30 min. for 2 students 
  • $75 per 45 min. for 3 students 
  • $100 per 60 min. for 4 students